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Incitatus srl was established in 2002 and through a network of subsidiaries and branches it operates in Italy in Milan, Rome and Bologna.

Incitatus srl provides advisory services and assistance to institutional investors, major financial players, companies and corporations of all sizes with main focus on Business Management Advisory (management consulting, international business development, corporate finance) and Corporate Communication & Public Relations (Business and media relations, communication strategy and media planning, network management and development).

Incitatus srl business Development is mainly focused on Italian market and main sectors include Infrastructure, ICT, Energy, Enviromental Services and Healthcare.

Moreover, Incitatus srl professionals are also specialist in corporate communication management and public affairs, acting on behalf of national clients who require business relationship management and special event organization services.

The aim of Incitatus srl is to explore and develop institutional networking channels through which to apply innovative communication methods, helping clients build qualified relationship with stakeholder groups and in turn to increase the business opportunities available to them.

Public affairs and communications activities serve to build a rapport which deepens and develops business relationships, also motivating people to use common interests and experiences as a foundation for successful collaborations and partnerships.

Incitatus srl carries out these activities based on well-established relationships with organisations and institutions which operate in the world of business, politics, art and culture.

Corporate communication & PR activities are carried out by the teams in Rome and Milan.

Company Profile

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